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Gottlieb Classics
Back to 'Little Chief - Pinball'  Product 48 of 75 in category mech. Pinballs 60's to 70's  Forward to 'Mariner - Pinball'
Model: Magnotron
Manufacturer: Gottlieb Classics
Order-No: P0300420
Year of Build: 1974
Production Run: 6.550
Balls: 1
  • 2 Flippers
  • 3 Pop bumpers
  • 1 Kickout hole
  • 1 Captive ball
  • Upper left and right kickback lanes
A-Condition (1.250,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (2.950,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (3.950,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (5.350,00)> Description of Condition