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Pirates of the Caribbean - Pinball

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Model: Pirates of the Caribbean - Pinball
Manufacturer: Stern
Order-No: 00000831
Year of Build: 2006
Production Run: 6.000 (about)
Balls: 4
Condition Grade > C-Condition

Restoration Grade: Condition C:

Fully technical restoration done. We are using only pinball-machines with a good base for the restoration.
The main thing in this restoration grade is the technical part.
Optical restoration (cabin) is done only on some mayor scratches or damages.
If you are looking for a technical perfect working machine it the right choice.

Average working tome approx. 45-60 hrs.

    Restoration Facts

  • 35 45 hours spend on technical restoration, 10-15 optical restoration done
  • All patch cords and construction units examined on the boards, if necessary after-soldered
  • Contacts and light barriers for functionality examined, adjusted, cleaned and if necessary replaced with new ones
  • Pop Bumper removed, cleaned and get a new justage
  • Contains new flipper-assemblies (plunger, links, coil-stops, cool sleeves)
  • Handrail and Handrail attachment sand-radiated and polished
  • Coindoor cleaned
  • Playfield Metal-Parts and Metal-Ramps cleaned
  • Metal Legs cleaned
  • All Boards checked, if needed damagend parts replaced with new parts
  • Full technical Menu-Test Check done after finishing restoration
  • End Check - has to be done right before shipment ------ Test Games- All new restored pinball machines need to have test games before shipping


  • Contains NEW steel balls
  • Playfieldglass in good condition
  • no coin controls included, set on "Freeplay"
  • fully working DMD Display
  • Contains NEW leg levellers, rubber feet for noise reduction
  • new batteries installed, batterie case changend in position outside from the board (sone models dont have batteires anymore)


  • Playfield Artwork is in good condition, only minor wearing
  • all playfield plastics are complete, minor wear possible
  • Contains completely (playfield and head) NEW bulbs Contains NEW rubbers
  • all light inserts hand-cleaned to perfect on Bottom Playfield
  • Upper playfield completely tear downed, mayor cleaned


  • Cabin in good Condition, may have some scratches or damages
  • Cabin cleaned from outside and inside
  • Frontside of Cabinhead painted with black color. It's typical with damages on all used machines. If this model got an aluminum band it may got some scratches and little damages

    modifications fauls of manufacturer

  • with new Deluxe Siderails + 185,00

    Specials of the machine

  • Different languages for display to choose: Englisch, German, French, Spanish

    Options for Restoration

  • Subwoofer for better sound (+125,00)
  • new Dot-Matrix-Display with 2 years warrantee (+ 195)
  • Pinball could be also played on "Free Play" Modus. No Coin Controls installed, free choice for any currencies with an electronic 3 Coin-Control (+ 130,00)
  • Playfield Inserts with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special effect + (290,00)
  • Backbox Inserts with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special 3D effect depending on the pinball-model + (120,00)
  • Playfield Upper side with LED Lightning + 165,00
  • Cabin-Inside with metal-mirrors, looks brilliant (+ 245,00)
  • New Playfieldglass, special protection quality + 85,00
  • Backbox Lightning Kit: Backbox with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special 3D effect depending on the pinball-model. Interactive LED Flashing Lights simular to the playfield. Contains new wood-board because Stern Pinballs got only a Neon Tube Lightning + (345,00)
  • LED Scorecards (2 pcs.) Special Effect (+98,00)
  • New Metal Legs. including new Leg Levelers + 68,00
  • New Chromed Metal Legs. including new Leg Levelers + 125,00

    Warranty and Serviceparts

  • 12 Months warrantee on free spare party delivery (parts are free, shipment need to be payed)
  • 12 Months warrantee on technical Phone Hotline
  • Additional warrantee for sterreich, Schweiz, und Luxemburg. Ask for it
  • Contains Gaming instructions and operation manual (no schematics)
  • Contains a Service package with bulbs, rubbers, special foam-spray for playfield
A-Condition (6.800,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (8.500,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (9.300,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (10.500,00)> Description of Condition
E-Condition (12.900,00)> Description of Condition