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Space Invaders - The Invaders Arcade

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Model: Space Invaders - The Invaders Arcade
Manufacturer: Midway
Order-No: V0000502
Year of Build: 1979
Space Invaders - The Invaders Arcade

Space Invaders / The Invaders Original Arcade Machine

Manufacturer: Taito

Classic Arcade Machine from the early 80's.
The biggest selling machines at this time were "Pac Man", "Galaxian" and "Space Invaders".
Approx. 98% of the original have been shredded. Mid of the 80's . About 1% is in collector' s hands and 1% unrestored storage in very bad conditions.

That's the reason that there machines 30 years later are ultra rare and very collectable.
On auctions worldwide the reach very high prices but still very hard to get.

A-Condition (2.650,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (3.950,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (4.850,00)> Description of Condition