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Stargate - Pinball

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Model: Stargate - Pinball
Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Order-No: P0400005
Year of Build: 1995
Production Run: 3.600
Balls: 3
  • 3 Flippers
  • 4-ball multiball
  • 3 Wizard modes (Eye of Ra, Stargate and Sandstorm)
Condition Grade > E-Condition


Restoration Grade: Condition E

professionaly technical restoration done
optical restoration done
very-good collector's condition


    Restoration Facts

  • 60 70 hrs. spend on technical (Electronic, Mechanic) restoration, 20 - 30 hours spend on optical restoration
  • All patch cords and construction units examined on the boards, if necessary after-soldered
  • Contacts and light barieres checked and if needed replaced with new ones
  • NEW Flipper-Assemblies installed
  • Pop Bumper New Wearing Parts
  • All WEARIMG PARTS replaced with new parts
  • Coindoor cleaned and polished
  • Playfield Metal-Parts, Metal-Ramps polished
  • All boards (CPU, Sound, Power Supply, DMD Supply) checked for working perfect. Excessive labor done
  • Boards Cables cleaned in ultrasonic bath
  • all boards cleaned with special chemicals
  • New ball shooter assembly installed if the model got a stanadrt ballshooter
  • all Stand-Up Targets in mint condition or new, with new foam rubber on the backside
  • DROP TARGET UMITS (not on all models) dismantled, cleaned, maybe with new stickers


  • New pinball legs
  • Contains NEW steel balls
  • New Playfield-Glass, savety protection certificated
  • contains a New Dot-Matrix-Display with 2 years warranty
  • New Feets, Bolts, Rubber shoes for noise reduction
  • New batterie holder installed and new batteries
  • with new subwoofer
  • Latest Game Software installed or the best working version
  • Playfield upperside mostly with new screws and nuts
  • mostly with new plastic posts


  • like New Condition, collectors condition
  • All upper playfield plastic parts hand-cleaned All playfield plastics are complete
  • all Lamps on and under Playfield are new
  • New Original Flippers installed, also new playfield rubbers
  • all LIGHT INSERTS hand-cleaned to perfect
  • Upper playfield completely tear downed, mayor cleaned, Playfield polished and waxed


  • Cabin in good too very good condition depending on the age when the machne was build
  • Cabin Under-Side fully restored to new condition
  • Cabin Cleaning: cleaned professionally from inside Cabin Inside re-build to new condition

    Options for Restoration

  • Machine is set on "Freeplay". Don't need to use a Coin Controll. Coin Control for 0,50, 1,00 or 2,00 are for 58,00 each available

    Warranty and Serviceparts

  • 12 Months warrantee on technical Phone Hotline
  • 12 months warrantee on spare parts (parts without charging, broken parts have to be returned first, shipment for delivery outside Germany has to be payed
  • VAT is not used for restored goods, for that reason no VAT refund possible
  • Additional warranty for Austria, Swiss and Luxemburg. Ask for it.
  • Contains Gaming instructions and operation manual (no schematics)
  • Contains a Service package with bulbs, rubbers, special foam-spray for playfield
A-Condition (3.500,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (6.900,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (7.900,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (8.900,00)> Description of Condition
E-Condition (9.800,00)> Description of Condition