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Tri Zone

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Model: Tri Zone
Manufacturer: Williams
Order-No: P1501037
Year of Build: 1979
Production Run: 7.250
Condition Grade > D-Condition

Condition D: professional technical restoration done, optical restoration done, Game in perfect collector's condition

Average working time approx 60-90 hrs.

    Restoration Facts

  • Scope of work: 45-60 hrs. spend on technical restoration
  • Scope of work: 15-25 hrs. spend on optical restoration
  • Contacts and switches: functionality examined, adjusted, cleaned and if necessary replaced by new ones
  • All relevant wearing parts replaced by NEW parts
  • New flippers-assemblies (plunger, links, coil-stops, coil sleeves)
  • NEW Bumper Asseblies installed
  • Handrail and Handrail-attachment: sand-radiated and polished. New Rubber mounted
  • Coin Door: good condition, cleaned and polished, contains a new Logo sticker
  • Metal Playfield Parts: have been cleaned and polished, without Balllines
  • Metal Legs: sand-radiated and polished to good - very good condition


  • Contains NEW steel balls
  • Contains NEW leg levellers, rubber feet for noise reduction
  • Contains a NEW Playfield Glass
  • Drop-Targets with new stickers or original ones without any marks (only if this pinball-model contains targets )


  • Playfield-Artwork: good - very good condition, may got some little wear depending on the long time ago when it was build. The pinballs of the 80s never had a diamond plate protection
  • Playfield Plastics: 100% complete and without any breaks
  • Playfield contains NEW bulbs and NEW rubbers
  • Inserts Playfield Lightning: all light inserts have been hand-cleaned to light bright and perfect on Bottom Playfield
  • Playfield-Revision: Upper playfield completely tear downed, mayor cleaned, Playfield polished and waxed

    Condition Grade

  • Backglass Artwork: good condition, may have only little scratches
  • Displays: Fully working. All patch cords and construction units examined on the plates, if necessary after-soldered


  • Cabin: Front side of the cabin head part-restored, Scratches and damages were restored and airbrushed, 15-25 hrs. working time. Good to very good condition
  • Cabin Head: Front side of the cabin head is restored to new condition
  • Cabin cleaned from outside and inside perfectly
  • Cabin Inside restored

    Information to Condition

  • we do an end-check before we make the pinball ready for shipment. It could be possible that it could takes longer than the expected time, because the restoration process will show if we would need special spareparts from the USA
  • Notice for WILLIAMS Pinballs: new boards need to be ordered optionally

    Options for Restoration

  • Cabin in New Condition. Handmade with Airbrush and original stencils. Has also 2K Protection. (+ 1950,00)
  • 1,00 Coin Controll installed, free choice for any currencies or more Euro slots for additional 58,00 each slot. Original Plates with "DM" will not be changed
  • We suggest to install NEW boards. The original Boards are now over 20-35 years old and functionality is not guaranteed for longer time period. Please request price
  • Machine is set on "Freeplay". Don't need to use a Coin Controll. Coin Control for 0,50, 1,00 or 2,00 are for 58,00 each available

    Warranty and Serviceparts

  • 12 Months warranty on free spare party delivery (parts and shipment free)
  • 12 Months warranty on technical Phone Hotline
  • VAT is not used for restored goods, for that reason no VAT refund possible
  • Additional Warranty for Austria, Swiss, und Luxemburg
  • Contains Gaming instructions and operation manual (no schematics)
  • Contains a Service package with bulbs, rubbers, special foam-spray for playfield
A-Condition (1.200,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (2.900,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (3.700,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (4.900,00)> Description of Condition