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One More Time 1015 Wurlitzer OMT Musicbox Jukebox

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One More Time 1015 Wurlitzer OMT Musicbox Jukebox
Model: One More Time 1015 Wurlitzer OMT Musicbox Jukebox
Order-No: J0001292

One More Time 1015 Wurlitzer Musicbox Jukebox

The Most Famous Wurlitzer Jukebox, a Real Treat for the Eyes and Ears

The One More Time—the exceptional way to listen to music.

Today, many are rediscovering the nostalgic charm of the '40s and '50s. The beloved chrome and glitter design of the One More Time model combines both old and new design.

The faithful design of the legendary Wurlitzer 1015 of 1946 is the ideal casing for the sophisticated Wurlitzer CD changer. Now you can experience your favorite artist with pure CD quality. The One More Time CD plays up to 2,500 hits in superb laser sound quality.

Chrome and glitter, rotating light columns with magically changing colors. A fascinating spectacle of light and sound. That is the beloved One More Time CD model.

No matter where the One More Time CD is located—the entrance hall of a company, a restaurant, a bar, or a living room—this nostalgic jukebox will always be optically and acoustically stunning.

Height: 151.8 cm / 59.8"
Width: 81.5 cm / 32.1"
Depth: 64.0 cm / 25.2"
Weight: 156.9 kg / 346 lb.
Power Supply: 110 to 240 Volt

• CD changer available for up to 100 CDs (standard)
• Vertical arrangement of the CDs in the magazine
• High-quality Philips laser disc player for horizontal playing
• Stereo amplifier with automatic level control and electronic overload protection,
power 2 x 55 watts RMS
• Six speakers in a three-way stereo system offer superb laser sound
• Four-digit LED display
• Microprocessor controlling all functions including credit and bonus steps as well as
record plays and automatic memory of the top tunes
• Play stimulator playing a record in intervals between one and 98 minutes automatically
• Background music (BGM) by programming the control unit to continuous play with
random selection of all songs
• Facility to cancel single tracks
• Memory of statistical data (e.g. cash box contents, etc.)
• Album play programmable
• Programming of two BGM intervals each weekday
• Connections for microphone, additional amplifier, external speakers, and output transformer
• Motor-driven paging system for 60 CD title cards
• Two info cards for additional 40 CDs (album play)

Fully Restored CD-Version (close to new condition)
Black-Version   see prices on german page
Wood-Brown-Version   see prices on german page

Factory New CD-Version
Black-Version   see prices on german page
Wood-Brown-Version  see prices on german page

Factory New Vinyl Version
Black-Version   see prices on german page
Brown-Version   see prices on german page

optional: Cableless Remote Control +390,00€

Warranty on Parts:
• in Germany 12 months
• outside Germany 6 months

Warranty includes:
everything but no wearing parts


only by direct delivery by our staff, please ask for quotation

Delivery Time:
Version 100 CD now available without waiting time.
All ohter Versions on request and part prement.