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Avengers, The - Pro Model

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Model: Avengers, The - Pro Model
Manufacturer: Stern
Order-No: P0601313
Year of Build: 2013
Production Run: 1.500
Balls: 4
Avengers, The - Pro Model

The Avengers Pinball - Stern 2013

For the uninitiated, The Avengers are a grouping of characters with assorted super powers who are brought together to face a foe so powerful they could not defeat it by themselves.

The original Marvel comics version of The Avengers has included nearly two dozen members over the years. However, The Avengers pinball follows the story line, character set and visualizations of the 2012 movie The Avengers, bringing together six superheroes to form the team - Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hawkeye. These are all depicted on the translite image above from left to right.

As in the movie, their task is to battle and defeat the evil Loki - Thor's estranged younger brother - who wants nothing more than to take over the Earth and enslave humanity. The six Avengers members join forces to try to thwart his plans, but their united front is not without its own internal conflicts, as we shall discover.

The translite image depicts a nighttime montage of the six Avengers members, but the cabinet artwork has a much lighter feel to it.

demonstration model (6.900,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (5.400,00)> Description of Condition