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A.G. Football / A.G. Soccer

Alvin G. & Co.
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A.G. Football / A.G. Soccer - Alvin G. & Co.
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Model: A.G. Football / A.G. Soccer
Manufacturer: Alvin G. & Co.
Order-No: P0401235
Year of Build: 1991
Production Run: 500
Balls: 1

Flippers (6, three per player), 3-bank drop targets (2)., 2 Spinners

Specialty: Head-to-Head Play, 4 Flipperfingers


Design by: Jerry Armstrong, Michael Gottlieb
Art by: Tim Elliot
Notes: Version of 'A. G. Soccer-Ball' for export.

A.G. Football / A.G. Soccer

Theme: Sports - European Football (i.e. U.S. Soccer)

Manufacturer: Alvin G. and Company (1991-1994)

Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)

This is a head-to-head game where two players at opposite ends of the playfield compete in simultaneous play. Each player has flipper buttons which control only those flippers facing the opponent.

This game has patented "switch-flippers". Each flipper has a wireform switch attached to it which closes when the ball hits the flipper. The switch performs different functions for single-player versus head-to-head games. During head-to-head games, the switches are used to instruct the "Designated Scoring" system to award all playfield scoring to the player whose flipper last touched the ball. During single-player games, the switches are made active only on the opponent's flippers, and a ball striking those flippers causes them to energize and "Auto-flip" the ball back towards the player.