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KISS Bally - Pinball

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Model: KISS Bally - Pinball
Manufacturer: Bally
Order-No: P0500209
Year of Build: 1979
Production Run: 17.000
Balls: 1
  • 2 Flippers
  • 4 Pop bumpers
  • 1 4-bank drop targets
  • 2 Rollunder spinners

Unbedingt das umfangreiche Bildmaterial zum Flipper durch anklicken des Icons "Fotos" anschauen. Beim Icon "Beschreibung" erhalten Sie weitere Information zum Gerät

Condition Grade > D-Condition

Condition D: professional technical restoration done, optical restoration done, Game in perfect collector's condition

Average working time approx 60-80 hrs.

    Restoration Facts

  • Scope of work: 45-60 hrs. spend on technical restoration
  • Scope of work: 15-25 hrs. spend on optical restoration (will be not made if the original condition was good)
  • Contacts and switches: functionality examined, adjusted, cleaned and if necessary replaced by new ones
  • All relevant wearing parts replaced by NEW parts
  • New flippers-assemblies (plunger, links, coil-stops, coil sleeves)
  • NEW Pop Bumper Asseblies installed. Removed, cleaned and build up with new parts, justaged for best play
  • Slingshots: cleaned, new justified
  • Handrail and Handrail-attachment: sand-radiated and polished. New Rubber mounted
  • Kick-Outholes: cleaned, mechanics restored
  • Siderails polished or new ones installed
  • Lamp-holders: have been checked and may replaced with new ones
  • Coin Door: good condition, cleaned and polished, contains a new BALLY silver Logo sticker
  • Metal Playfield Parts: have been cleaned and polished, without Balllines
  • Metal Legs: sand-radiated and polished to good - very good condition


  • Contains NEW steel balls
  • Contains NEW leg levellers, rubber feet for noise reduction
  • Contains a NEW Playfield Glass
  • Drop-Targets with new stickers or original ones without any marks (only if this pinball-model contains targets )


  • Playfield-Artwork: good - very good condition, may got some little wear depending on the long time ago when it was build. The pinballs of the 80s never had a diamond plate protection. Some playfield colour parts could be restored with airbrush.
  • Playfield Plastics: complete and in good condition
  • Playfield contains NEW bulbs and NEW rubbers
  • Inserts Playfield Lightning: all light inserts have been hand-cleaned to light bright and perfect on Bottom Playfield
  • Playfield-Revision: Upper playfield completely tear downed, mayor cleaned, Playfield polished and waxed

    Condition Grade

  • Backglass Artwork: good condition, may have little scratches
  • Displays: Fully working. All patch cords and construction units examined on the plates, if necessary after-soldered
  • Boards: All boards (Sound-Board, Power Supply Board, Lamp-Driver-Board) in good condition. Contains a CPU-Motherboard or fully restored original MPU


  • Cabin: Front side of the cabin head part-restored, Scratches and damages were restored only black/white by Airbrush. Good General Condition
  • Cabin Head: Front side of the cabin head is restored to a good condition
  • Cabin Cleaning: cleaned professionally from outside and inside

    Information to Condition

    Additional Facts

  • MPU Board in good technical condition or new Ultimate board with extra charge
  • Solenoid Board in good technical condition or new one with extra charge
  • Lampdriver Board in good technical condition or new one with extra charge
  • With modified A2 Powermodule or new board
  • NEW Bumper caps und NEW Bumper-Body-Mechanics

    Options for Restoration

  • NEW LED Displays 5pcs. with 5 years warranty (+290,00)
  • Optional: KISS Songs (with Mick Jagger Voice) in Hifi Quality, New Speaker System, New Software Programming, New Hardware (additional 950,00)
  • Machine is set on "Freeplay". Don't need to use a Coin Controll. Coin Control for 0,50, 1,00 or 2,00 are for 58,00 each available. Original Plates with "DM" will not be changed
  • Cabin in New Condition. Handmade with Airbrush and original stencils. Has also 2K Protection (+ 1.950,00)
  • New Chromed Metal Legs. including new Leg Levelers + 95,00

    Warranty and Serviceparts

  • 12 Months warranty on free spare party delivery (parts and shipment free)
  • 12 Months warranty on technical Phone Hotline
  • VAT is not used for restored goods, for that reason no VAT refund possible
  • Additional Warranty for Austria, Swiss, und Luxemburg
  • Contains Gaming instructions and operation manual (no schematics) if deliverable
  • Contains a Service package with bulbs, rubbers, special foam-spray for playfield
A-Condition (3.950,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (7.900,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (8.900,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (9.800,00)> Description of Condition
E-Condition (13.900,00)> Description of Condition