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Rush - Premium - Pinball

Back to 'Royal Rumble - Pinball'  Product 107 of 158 in category Modern Pinballs 1991-2023  Forward to 'Safecracker - Pinball'
Model: Rush - Premium - Pinball
Manufacturer: Stern
Order-No: P0501374
Year of Build: 2022
Production Run: 1.000
Condition Grade > New in the box

New in the Box - Pinball Machine

It's something special to have a brand new pinball at home


    modifications fauls of manufacturer

  • NEW IN THE BOX Pinball -we suggest to take the pinball out of the box to do test games for fixing construction problems and do a rejustment (specially contacts) -to do enough test games it would take about 2-3 weeks time
  • Kind of production process: Stern does the production of the pinball for the operators market and not for the collectors market. For that reason it is maybe possible that new pinball machines may have sone little scratches or other optical adverse effects

    Specials of the machine

  • Different languages for display to choose: Englisch, German, French, Spanish

    Options for Restoration

  • If it is not with LED's by the manufacturer we got that option: Playfield Inserts with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special effect Some Pro Models later. Please request + 290,00
  • Playfield Upper side with LED Lightning (some pinballs have already LED's, specially newer model) Some models after 2019 have allready LED's by manufacturer. Please request + 165,00
  • Cabin-Inside with metal-mirrors, looks brilliant (+ 245,00)
  • High End Speaker System: 2 Speakers, Equlizer, Subwoofer, Ballance Control (+ 285,00)
  • Pinball could be also played on "Free Play" Modus. No Coin Controls installed, free choice for any currencies with an electronic 3 Coin-Control (+ 130,00)
  • Service-Kit: Playfieldcleaner-Spray, Assortment of Rubbers, Lamps, Fuses, Rubber Feets for Noice reduction (+39,00)
  • New Chromed Metal Legs. including new Leg Levelers + 135,00
  • 7-10 hrs. Testgames for sort out factory constrctional defects (about 50-100 Games) + 130,00
  • Transparent Pinball-Buttons with LED Lightning, also with Flasher Effekt + 68,00
  • Slingshot Posts will be changed to LED Lightning 99,00
  • anti-reflective glass pane instead of a Standart Playfield Glass 290,00

    Warranty and Serviceparts

  • Free Spare Parts
  • Free Phone Helpline for technical questions
  • Technican Service in Germany and Swiss with extra charge
  • VAT could be refound buyer has a VAT Number
  • No carge for spare parts delivery
  • Pinball contains a Set with some playfield Stickers (for Targets ect.) + Flasher Lamps
New in the box (10.900,00)> Description of Condition