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AC/DC - Back in Black - Let there be Rock Limited Edition ACDC

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Model: AC/DC - Back in Black - Let there be Rock Limited Edition ACDC
Order-No: P0601299
Year of Build: 2012
Production Run: 200
Balls: 4

1) Back in Black - Limited Edition 2) Let there be Rock Limited Edition ACDC There are two Limited Editions of the AC/DC Pinball. Both of the are sold out. We can maybe arrange to deliver an Demontration Model on request. It will takes a few weeks or months to deliver. 50% pre-payment must be deposit. The "Premium" Edition is the same like the limited Edition, only different cabin and backbox Artwork.

AC/DC - Back in Black - Let there be Rock Limited Edition ACDC

ACDC Flipper - Back in Black - Let there be Rock Limited Edition of AC/DC

AC/DC Limited Editions: Back In Black & Let There Be Rock

Showroom Model with 100-500 played Games, like new

Additional Features:

  • Unique Mirrored Backglass for each LE model
  • "Shake And Quake" Shaker Motor
  • 12” Subwoofer for Enhanced Sound Performance
  • Designer Autograph Under Playfield Hard Coat
  • Numbered Plaque (Back In Black:1-300 ; Let There Be Rock: 1-200)
  • Authenticating Stern Pinball Inc., Official Product Hologram
  • Signed Certificate Of Authenticity
  • Laser Cut, Glossy Powdercoat Side Armor With Backing Plates
  • Matching Laser Cut Backbox Hinges
  • Matching Legs and Front Molding
  • Red Transparent Lower Arch
  • Unique Silk Screened Cabinet Decal Artwork
  • “Underworld” Lower Mini-Playfield W/2 Flippers and Targets
  • Hells Bell Swinging Newton Ball Pendulum W/Score Sensor
  • Hidden Magnet Pendulum Attractor To Start Bell Swinging Remotely
  • Molded 3D "Rock N Roll" Train With LED Headlight and Horns
  • 5 Bank AC/DC Drop Targets (on left)
  • 3 Bank T.N.T. Drop Targets (in center)
  • SLAM Action Target Behind Center TNT Drop Target
  • Crossover Ball Track w/Diverter From Left Ramp To Right Ramp
  • T.N.T. Detonator Animated W/Solenoid Actuated Handle
  • Animated Band Member Display
  • “Highway To Hell” Animated LED Flames Tunnel
  • “Back In Black” Super Bright LED Strobe Lights
  • Wedge-Based LED GIs
  • LED Control Lamps including 16 Tri-Color LEDs Under Key Inserts
  • Classic Lock Down Asssembly and Playfield Slide Supports
  • Unique Backglass Translite
  • Red Gloss Power Coated Legs, Hinges, Front Molding, and Side Armour
    with Flipper Button Protection

additional Facts for the  "Back in Black" und "Let there be rock" Limited Editions

  • Metal-Plate with Serial Number and "Limited Edition"
  • Cabin in Spedical Design red or blue
  • mirror effect Backglass
  • Shakermotor
  • Subwoofer with 12" for better Sound
  • Autogram of Designer on the pinball
  • Service Set with: Playfield Spray, Rubber feets for noise reduction, Rubber for Playfield and Flippers, Fuses, Lamps (39,00€ Extra Charge if wanted)

additional modification see German Text Version

12 months warranty outside Germany
24 months warranty inside Germany

50% pre-payment with order requested

Es handelt sich um ein EU-Gerät, auf dessen wegen Theretoriumsschutz keine deutsche MwSt. ausgewiesen werden kann.
Listenpreis ist dementsprechend der Endpreis.



demonstration model (19.500,00)> Description of Condition