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Monster Bash - Pinball

Back to 'Monopoly'  Product 68 of 129 in category Modern Pinballs 1991-2014  Forward to 'Mustang Limited Edition Pinball'
Model: Monster Bash - Pinball
Manufacturer: Williams
Order-No: P0400083
Year of Build: 1998
Production Run: 3.350
Balls: 4
Condition Grade > C-Condition


Restoration Grade: Condition C:

Fully technical restoration done. We are using only pinball-machines with a good base for the restoration.
The main thing in this restoration grade is the technical part.
Optical restoration (cabin) is done only on some mayor scratches or damages.
If you are looking for a technical perfect working machine it the right choice.

Average working tome approx. 45-60 hrs.


    Restoration Facts

  • 45 60 hours spend on technical restoration
  • Contacts and light barriers for functionality examined, adjusted, cleaned and if necessary replaced with new ones
  • mechanical war parts have beed replaced with new parts if they not work totally in operation
  • Flippers-Assemblies: good Condtion or if needed replaced with new ones (plunger, links, crank, coil-stops, coil sleeves)
  • Pop Bumper removed, cleaned and build up new, new justage
  • Slingshots, and Outholes have been edited and justified
  • Lockbar and Lockbar-attachment cleaned and polished, got some wear
  • Side-Rails partially cleaned, in good condition, only little wear
  • All metal legs cleaned and polished, good condition but not new
  • Coin Door in good condition and cleaned.
  • All patch cords and construction units examined on the plates, if necessary after-soldered Lamp-holders: have been checked and may be replaced with new ones
  • Acrylic Ramps and Metall Ramps hand-cleaned
  • EOS Contacts revised or New EOS Contacts installed if the old ones have not worked 100%
  • Receiver Board of Ball Assembly restored
  • All Rectifiers (including the most important ones BR1 and BR2) checked for full function, or game specific diodes. Replaced if needed
  • Wirecables cleaned
  • Ball Assembly: cleaned, full revision done
  • all air grids cleaned
  • Battery case external fixed, also with 3 new Batteries
  • All boards (CPU, Sound, Power Supply, DMD Supply) checked for working perfect. Excessive labor done


  • Contains NEW steel balls
  • Contains NEW leg levellers, rubber feets for noise reduction
  • Latest Game Software installed or Version with best gameplay
  • the pinball is set on "Freeplay". No coins needed


  • Playfield Artwork has a base of good condition
  • All upper playfield plastic parts hand-cleaned All playfield plastics are complete but could have little damages like cracks and lost edges
  • Contains completely (playfield and head) NEW bulbs Contains NEW rubbers
  • all LIGHT INSERTS hand-cleaned to perfect
  • Upper playfield completely tear downed, mayor cleaned, Playfield polished and waxed
  • most of the playfield metal parts have been polished
  • Glass-Plastic-Rim: in close as new condition or replayced with a new one
  • All under-playfield ramps disjointed, cleaned and new installed
  • used playfiled glass with some little scratches

    Condition Grade

  • Fully working Dot-Matrix-Display, bright, no pixels or lines missing
  • Side-Rails could have typical damages
  • Playfield Metal-Parts including Metal-Ramps cleaned but not polished to perfect
  • New Optos and new Contacts installed when the original ones have not worked during restauration process


  • Cabin Printing Artwork has a base of good condition without mayor scratches or damages, could be faded
  • Cabin Head Frontside overworked and repainted
  • Cabin outside has been cleaned
  • Cabin inside has been cleaned

    modifications fauls of manufacturer

  • On Condition "C" are all construction problems solved by replacing with new parts in better quality. Exept: new cabin decals, clearcoated playfield
  • Drag Lane has got wear because of construction problem manufacturer
  • Outhole has got wear
  • Cabin Decals in bad quality, colour gets lost around flipperbuttons and flakting at the edges
  • Playfield was only very thin clearcoated by manufacturer.
  • with addition Playfield light spots, much brighter for playing in dark rooms

    Options for Restoration

  • High End Speaker System, 3 Speakers, Equlizer, Subwoofer (+ 285,00)
  • Cabin-Inside with metall-mirrors, looks brilliant (+ 245,00)
  • Coin Controls: Euro-Coin Controls possible or SFR, Dollar, other currencies (each of the 3 Coin Controls + 50,00)
  • Coinbox 29,00
  • Playfield Inserts with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special effect + (260,00)
  • Outhole restored and with metal-protectors + 240,00
  • with new caban decals + 1.380,00
  • Playfield Inserts with 52 pcs. LED's. 3x brighter lightning, special effect +265,00
  • 6-times playfield varnishing or Diamond Plate Playfield near mint condition and polished to perfect + 950,00
  • New Playfieldglass, special protection quality + 85,00
  • new Legs, Feets, Screws (additional +75,00)
  • Alternativ to "regular new Flipperlegs": New "Chromed" Metal Legs. including new Leg Levelers + 125,00
  • Optional: New Dot-Matrix-Display (+ 185,00)
  • Head Inserts with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special 3D effect depending on the pinball-model + (160,00)
  • LED Scorecards (2 pcs.) Special Effect (+98,00)
  • Clear Flipper-Buttons with LED lightning + 68,00
  • Coloured LED Dot Matrix - All Animations get be shown in Multi-Colours now Great Effect for the 21. Century + 390,00
  • Playfield Upper side with LED Lightning + 165,00
  • Surround Flash Kit: Cabin Bottom and Backside of the Cabin Head with LED lightning flashers. Great Action Effect ! + 235,00
  • Backbox Inserts with LED`s. Brighter lightning, special 3D effect depending on the pinball-model + (160,00)

    Warranty and Serviceparts

  • 12 Months warrantee on free spare party delivery (parts and shipment free)
  • 12 Months warrantee on technical Phone Hotline
  • Special Pictures Service. If you choose a pinball for ordering you will receive original photos of the machine in advance
  • Addintional warrenty sterreich, Schweiz, und Luxemburg
  • Contains Gaming instructions and operation manual (no schematics)
  • Contains a Service package with bulbs, rubbers, special foam-spray for playfield
A-Condition (5.900,00)> Description of Condition
B-Condition (7.800,00)> Description of Condition
C-Condition (8.900,00)> Description of Condition
D-Condition (9.800,00)> Description of Condition
E-Condition (12.900,00)> Description of Condition
Special Deluxe Edition (14.900,00)> Description of Condition